All Dolls That We Sell Or The Repair Dolls Are Intended For Display Only.

  Here we have two IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Dolls.  Doll-1(Light Hair) and Doll-2 (Darker Hair)  The Owner "Barbara" has sent us 4 22" Saucy Walker Dolls and the Dolls-2+3 will be on another Web Page after we get the Before Photos on these two completed.

There will be quite allot of work to accomplish on all 4 dolls but we have had eight at one time twice before so this should not be any harder to accomplish...Just a busy time for us, but what else is new?  As long as we can bring smiles to the hearts of women who love the dolls we give life back to then that is what really keeps us Keeping on.

Stop By Often To See Our Progress.

Thank you for your Interest.

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What a beauty!  Her body is flawless and sanded and blushing on hands and knees.  No body Air Brushing.  All of her make-up is original, eyes polished, hair re-styled into lower pony tail ringlets.  She has the best set of white stem swivel bars in her eye mechanism so her eyes move easily back and forth. All platforms we invented have been installed.  No eye crossing or sinking or rolling in the future if she is not played with by a child or used as football practice at the Post Office. Her eyelashes are original and gorgeous, we airbrushed her eye lids.  Her neck plate was not her original so we spot glued the head to that neck plate in the back to make her head turn left and right with each step.  MOST Saucy Walker neck plates are warped when they arrive here.  To turn her head to pose her only move her feet like in the photos.  The elastic bands we use are strong and we had to apply a thin one to her head because the thicker bands keep the eyes from flirting and this thin one allows them to move easily but her head appeared lose. The cause is the 'V" shaped wire going from eye weight to eye weight interferes with a thicker elastic band.  With the spot glue in the back of her neck the head is secure.  The thin elastic is still very very strong regardless of it's size.  Shutting her eyes, she can do but with a little bit of force as previously explained in email.  Stomp her on her feet to get them back opened as I wrote to explain to you in an email also.  What display 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker needs to have her eyes closed anyway?  None.

All of her underthings chosen by you were used, even the little net crinoline.  Loved dressing her.  I used a white ribbon instead of the blue to match the ribbon on her pinafore.  This way if you want to later change her dress, white goes with most every color of course.  Hope you love her like we do!



When the head was taken out of the wrapping the teeth fell out.  Good thing she is already here in the Doll Hospital.










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