Here is Barbara's "FIRE" a 1952 Early Issue 22" RARE IDEAL Saucy Walker with Fire Red Hair. She is not the Rod headed doll so that puts her in the year 1952.  She has the best eyes Ideal ever made in those two early years. Later Ideal redesigned the eye mechanism to a lesser degree regarding the "flirting" of the eyes as they are known for.  The wigs later on were also different.  This one is made better than most.

Just a Note For those who are not familiar with our work: 

  She was purchased on Ebay and then they found the boo boo's on her as you will see below.  We normally always end up getting in the Ebay dolls and it is less expensive in the long run to purchase them from us. However since we do not keep a 22" Saucy Walker Dolls for sale very long I can understand the need to go ahead and purchase them on Ebay....THEN send them to us and we will be tickled pink to restore them back to the way they should be.

Another way to get what you are really looking for from us is  Custom Order that special 22" Saucy Walker that WE will look for and purchase for you and dress her the way you want her to look etc.  We do have a budget on the doll's cost and clothing but will be glad to tell you what it is when you contact us for a special doll. We always offer Lay-A-Way so if there is a problem paying the cost, we will work with you.  Getting that special Saucy Walker from us is the best way to go in most cases.  We love the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker!!

Thank you for your Interest and watch for Updates on this, her web site.  She WILL be a beauty and look as she should soon.

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I could not resist these last two photos.  Did special lighting on her...Now looks light blue and she is so beautiful!  BTW...Forgot to take a photos of her eyes looking in other direction.  Got too busy playing with poses.  Dressed photos I will do that..giggle




Thrilling amount of original hair.  The bows should be double sided white satin  then.  Black would not be good on her color of hair. With white you can change her clothing in other colors if you wanted to later.  She now has the banana bangs she had when she was sold.  Hard to see details in that photo.

Where we keep Restoration and completed dolls.  Yours is by the lil lamp.  We call it our doll closet.  The other bigger room has the dolls that come in to be logged and our equipment and supplies.





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