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This is a custom order doll for Ida who would like to have the 1954 Early Issue Posie doll that had the plastic head.  Later in 1955 Posie took on a big change as her head was then made of vinyl, no teeth, and rooted hair.

Ida remembers her childhood doll (SALLY) with teeth and light Strawberry blond hair.  Here is an image from Judith Izen's IDEAL BOOK 3rd Edition of the rare Posie doll in 1954 that we will be using parts of the vintage Saucy Walker torso and the Posie legs to construct this childhood memory of Sally.

Lois Pearson ( will of course be replicating another style dress from Ida's memory and in no time we will be seeing those memories come into reality.

This is the wig that we have ordered in the light Strawberry blond instead of the blond that is in the image from  (

It is the closest I could come to the length with curls.  I will be re-working the hair to look more like the original doll's hair-do.


Check back with us often to see Sally come back to life.




Most Photos Taken With A Flash Making Hair Look Lighter  She is so much more Adorable In The Real.

IDA: All of the parts we used to create Sally are 58 years old. We make these dolls only look like new but cannot make them new. Some of the parts that we have had on perfectly good dolls sometimes have lil factory flaws such as the eyes that are hard to make look perfectly straight. Saucy Walker's And the Saucy Walker headed POSIE doll was known to have "Flirty Eyes" which was a huge marketing success for them.  Sally loved to use the flirty eyes and sometimes it is a little harder to get her to look straight at you.  So we took this photo to let you know she actually can do that on ocassion.

Also: Just a reminder that her body had a much needed Air Brushing Custom Blended Paint on her torso, arms and legs.  The dolls we create/sell/repair are intended for display only and the legs in the back of the knee area need to be gently bent as many Posie legs were factory painted and even then the plastic rubbed in the back where the joints are.  So when you bend her knees do it ever so slowly as this paint can also be rubbed (two separate painted areas rubbing together leaving a small scuffing) as we found it doing on her after she was painted. Dr. Hubby has sprayed those areas with sealer but they are still delicate.




IDA...We found a torso made by IDEAL with IDEAL's Tummy Grill on it.  This is the only torso available with a very loud crier.  Most of IDEAL Saucy Walker torso's do not cry anymore and to install a crier the doll has to be split wide open.  It is more valuable to keep a crier that is original than to install a new one anyway. HOWEVER we are in luck..this crier is loud and clear.  Dr, Hubby will attach the POSIE bendable legs and place a neck plate on it and of course the arms.  I have taken the eyes out of the other head and preparing to shine them.  Eye repair takes a full day and it is raining and thundering right now so I am in a rush to post these photos before I have to shut down the computer.  Just wanted to show you that your doll is in surgery now.

Late last night Dr. Hubby Attached the teflon balls to the eye mechanism to make the eyes move from side to side  ontop of the platforms that we have installed. Eyes were polished on our machine and they sparkle .

Here she is after eye surgery and before we shined her lips.  Right below is the photo are after we polished her lips and tongue.  She will also have eye shadow as all the Saucy Hard faces had.  We will apply the eye shadow towards the time we attach her head.

You are fortunate that her lashes are so perfect. She is going to be gorgeous! Dr. Hubby and I were talking about how nice for you that you will have this baby made especially for you.  Although there were lil girls who owned the different parts, you will be the first Mommy this future WHOLE baby will ever have belonged to.  Just a thought.  Most who purchase our dolls buy dolls that were owned by someone else that we have taken the whole doll and restored.  We try to keep the dolls as original as possible but Sally is a first for us and so special.  I get attached to dolls we put so much work into.

7/14/12 - Here is Sally ringing wet hair after curling the hair to resemble the Rare Posie of the 50's with a twist of bubble to her style like you wanted.  I cut the length one inch but wished I had cut it even more but the ringlets should be tight once she dries for a week. She still needs air brushed eye shadow that will make a world of difference.  Her original shadow has gotten lighter over the years. We put her head on a temporary body just so I could work on her hair.  Love those eye lashes.

Okay we will need your input on this matter:  Here is her body put together to check out the walking which Dr. Hubby reports is great.  She has a temp neckplate on her and in the below photos she has her real neck plate. This photo taken BEFORE he sanded her torso and legs.

What we have seen is that plastic compound patching the seam splits at the shoulder and on the croch areas in photos below, personally we would also rather air brush her in our custom Saucy Walker/Posie paint on the torso and legs and arms.

He is well known for his expertise in Air Brushing the dolls and blushing.  I love the way the doll looks so new once he is finished.

Here is one of many samples of his work when he finished the air brushing on another customer's doll:

And here below is why the air brushing comes in handy.  We used this torso because it is the only torso we have seen in over a year that still cries loudly.  To us it is well worth the extra effort. Posie legs are painted from the factory and that is another reason we personally would have her painted in our opinion.  No extra charge for the air brushing at all. 

Please let us know soon as it should take a few days to dry safely before he puts her together again.

7-15-12 - Wellllll...Dr. Hubby went ahead and airbrushed Sally anyway because we do not want to send this doll to you with the small patched areas showing on her. SHE IS EXQUISITE this way...We really are very particular with the IDEAL doll bodies and he assumed that you would like this better.  4 Photos below.  Let us know what you think.  Blushing the hands an knees will be next on her.




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