8-3-09 Mary's  22" Saucy Walker's Doll By: Ideal

This little doll has been sanded and Air Brushed with our special Saucy Walker blended paint.  She has had her eyes repaired and polished. eye shadow, blushing, and lips refreshed and shiny. Her eye lids (socket) have been painted to match her body.  Her hair has been cleaned and re-styled into the Saucy braids.  Her arms have been painted and hands blushed and re-strung with our Surgical Elastic Cord Tubing.  Her clothing is new and made by Lois toniwear@aol.com.  We are including a new Kaiser Doll Stand and a Replica hang tag.  She looks wonderful for display. 

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We soaked her hair in very hot water and then shampooed it. Then we applied the shampoo and conditioner.  What a difference.  Her bangs have been trimmed and the short hair on her right side was tucked under the longer hair.

The eyes have been polished and repaired and we painted the very rusty metal eye sockets in our Saucy Color instead of gray as they were before.  They are hanging up-side-down to dry in this photo.

Your Baby Girl is all one Special Blended Saucy Color painted now.  She will look brand new.
What a difference eye shadow can make in these dolls.  Makes the eyes look like they have depth.  In her photos above you can see the difference.  Years ago this was the big thing to have deep set eyes.  It was considered a beauty trait.  Also incase many do not know why the red dots at the corner of the eyes.  From my own stage appearance in the 60's we would all have to put red dots in the corner of our eyes to make the eyes look normal from a distance and not cross-eyed or running together.  I suppose these little make-up tactics also carried over on the dolls of that time  We also applied her cheek blushing.  She will look brand new when she is finished.
But don't her eyes look wonderful?  We have inserted the platforms to insure no future eye rolling and sinking.
SUCCESS!!  New eye shadow is gorgeous and drying!!  Her body is put back together and saturated in silicone and that is why she is up-side-down.  No silicone leaking onto her new painted body surfaces.  It dries fast.  Oh how I want to see her all finished.  We got in my favorite outfit that you ordered from Lois and IT IS GORGEOUS!!!  I had no idea that you chose that one I love so much.  Still waiting on her shoes.  This is 8-14-09 and we will allow this shadow to dry for about two days, then she will be put back together completely and hopefully her shoes and socks will be here by then.  If you should change her clothing at a later date make sure that you do not put her on her new stand without the torso being covered, That is not her stand in the photo and the wire on her leg is very lose but on her new stand the wire will be  around her waist and it will scratch her paint if it is not covered. ( Just a reminder)
Gorgeous Doll's Face!!  She will be worth your waiting.  We received her shoes and socks today and will attempt the re-stringing and completion on Wednesday.  We want to make double sure that this gloss that covers the shadow and blushing now, as we did not use it on the first application, will be a complete hardened dry.  This will prevent the accidental scratches across the painted areas now.  As you can see she does not appear to have been restored, she looks like she looked right from the factory.  Same color of bushings our original doll head's blushing.  We have become attached to her and are very proud of what she will look like when dry.  You will be thrilled.  Thank you for your patience. Today is 8-17-09.
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