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Catherine's Custom 22" 1950's IDEAL Saucy Walker Doll made to look like her when she was younger.  In the 50's little girls looked like little girls.  She will be wearing a red dress made by Lois Pearson ( with a an attached slip and we have ordered also a petticoat  similar to what even I wore at one time or another back then.  We are waiting on that custom petticoat at present before we put her together completely.  She is wearing only a temp ONESIE of ours as we wait on the petticoat slip and a pair of rumba panties to match.  Her tights have lace on them but we are adding the panties as well.

The flash on our camera has made her eyes look lighter then they are. These are the closest to brown as we could get for her eyes without us taking them apart and painting them brown like we have done in the past at a great cost.  In normal house lighting the eyes look dark.  Come back often to see her when she is finished.  She will be one of a kind and we are very proud of her.


UPDATE:  Of course this doll is much better looking in the real than what my camera is showing Below.  When she gets home she will be holding a little red purse and a doll.