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  Here is a 17" IDEAL POSIE doll which is a duplicate childhood doll for a birthday SURPRISE !!!   Such a loving sister named Elizabeth Requested that we Custom Restore a 17" IDEAL POSIE doll for her sister, Linda.  This was indeed a walk down memory lane for that family.  Elizabeth arranged for her mother to give the doll to Linda as her mother had originally gotten a Posie doll for Linda (Seen in the photos below) when she was around the age of 3 years old.  See her letter to us and her story below the photos.  

Happy Birthday Linda from all of us here at: Saucy Walker's Corner.  May God bless you with joy in your heart each time you see her smiling back at you!!

Please pass this on to the wonderful lady and her husband who made the "re-incarnation of Posie" possible.

I can't tell you how surprised and delighted I was when Elizabeth (my incredible sister) arranged for my Mum to "return" Posie to me after all these years.

When I was a little girl in America my mum must have given Posie to me when I was probably 3. Several times over the years, my Mum had to take her to the doll's hospital to get her head put back on and one time Posie never came back.

My mum told me that Posie was still in the doll's hospital and every so often I would ask "is Posie not fixed yet?". The years disappeared, as they do, and every so often I would think about Posie and wonder what became of her. I remembered her blue eyes (which opened and closed), her legs which could be bent so that she could walk, sit or pray, her beautiful hair (which had a fringe which we put a curler and pin in to curl) and her gorgeous face made of soft rubber. 

She was so special to me that I remembered practically every detail about her so I was absolutely overwhelmed to have her "returned" to me. I always thought she was called "Posey" (Based on Rosey Posey - after my mum who is called Rose) but now that I have read all about the Posie dolls, the doll you sent to Elizabeth has even more of a story to tell! She now has pride of place on my dressing table in my bedroom.

I can't thank you enough for helping Elizabeth to arrange for my Mum to give me this unbelievably special gift. She will be so treasured and her history will continue.

With Lots and Lots of Love





Lois Pearson made a Ideal Replica Dress that is gorgeous. Make sure you see at the bottom of this "FINISHING PHOTOS" section, Judith Izen's IDEAL BOOK photo of what the IDEAL Posie Doll and the identical straight leg Saucy Walker 16-17" looked like when new so many years ago.

I have attached the sash with two small stitches to the Pinafore to keep it perfect for many years.

The doll stand wire is on the outside of the dress but I placed the Pinafore over the outside of the doll stand wire so the long hard wire would not squash the bow on display.  Her sleeves have soft cotton under each one to keep them puffed up.  The bow is pinned to the top of her head and stiffened for display.

Had to mend a small hole on the back of the original sock on the right.  These socks are rare and are from Spain.  They are Rayon and I have stiffened them to make them stay straight up like the way they were sold on the doll so long ago. The shoes are call Cinderella shoes.  They too are hard to find these days. Notice the socks on the Doll below in the orange dress.

This is a photo of the IDEAL 

Saucy Walker

that was sold identical to 

the Poise 

above but this doll has the 

straight legs instead of the 

bent knees.





Lil Dress is clean and no germs. giggle

Found a small hole in the slip which is under the dress in the photos here.  I ironed a patch on it on the inside of the slip. I also ironed the slip. 

Now here is something to tell you...I have never seen IDEAL do this but the panties never had elastic in them.  They are tied on with the string that came on them.  Silly me, I took the string out and started to put the elastic in the already made hem...then as I was trying to put the elastic in the openings and since the tiny elastic I have here would not go in in any way because of the tiny opening...I had to re-string the original string back into place.

These panties are indeed rare. (No Charge On Them)


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