"Sheryl has passed away from breast cancer on July 2nd. We have been fighting this for a year and a half. I have lost my soul mate and the love of my life. She was special beyond words and I faced my darkest hours on this earth as she took her last breath in my arms. Life lost all meaning when I lost her, but our children need me here, and I guess God has more for me to do, so I will continue. Sheryl helped so many people around the world as she reached out to them in their times of need. This web site has done so much more than bring happiness by restoring childhood dolls for so many. It served as a tool for her and I to touch lives with Gods love. I want to express my gratitude for all the ladies that reached out to me and continue to encourage me, I needed it so very much, God bless you, I love you all. I will continue to restore dolls as I have been doing with Sheryl for the last few years in loving memory of my sweetheart and the most precious woman I have ever known. She was my dream come true and a true blessing from God. I really don't know how I will make it without her. Thank you so much and please contact me with your doll repair needs at doctorhubby@gmail.com. God bless you, Dr Hubby (Cary)!" Saucy Walker's Corner...www.saucywalkerscorner.com


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We Will Restore Your Vintage  Doll 's Body

Did you purchase an IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll only to find out she cannot walk and her eyes are off set or anything else you did not expect?

 Do You Need Us To Help Restore Your  1950's IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker? 

 Prepare Her To Pass On To Your Loved One.

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We Now Offer Individual Repairs With All Eye Repair Requests. 

Did you purchase an IDEAL 22" Saucy vintage doll only to find out her eyes are off set?  Please see the form Below and if you need his expertise... Dr. Hubby's body repair pricing is also listed on the form Below to be sent to us with the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll.

1) EYE REPAIR AND PREVENTATIVE EYE PLATFORMS INSTALLED And Possibly Plastic Parts Repair and/or Walking Mechanism Repaired.

  (No longer do we make an IDEAL Saucy Walker 22"  "Display Ready" with doll stand and her clothing on, nor do we offer web pages of the doll's restoration)

 Send her to us without clothing. We are not responsible for clothing or socks and shoes.

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I started this doll Web Site in the memory of  my Mother, Mary Nell Hale. She loved these dolls and through her I have learned that they are precious and really do have a spirit of their own.  I have also learned that the world of dolls can actually bring happiness to women and from that joy that we feel, healing is possible for our bodies.  Look at them close and see the joy they have brought to a child who imagined them to be real.  They may be old, but their spirit is still alive. My prayers go with each and every one I have restored, that they might bring joy to their new owners. 

Our Theme Bows that we made for the first 5 years, I lovingly dedicated to my Daddy.  He taught me as a little girl to make pretty bows.  I think of him often as I put each hair bow in our Saucy Walker Dolls and The Owner's Dolls.

My Parents Dedication Web Page.

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